#Airbnb CEO Predicts Global Tourism Change Due to COVID-19 #Pandemic

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Global tourism may never fully recover from a coronavirus pandemic, said Airbnb Inc., co-founder and chief executive officer of the American reservation service. Brian Chesky.

“I officially declare that tourism will never go back to what it was before COVID-19, it just will not be like that,” Cesky said in an interview with Axios. “There are times when there are decades of transformation.”

The top manager expects that in the future vacationers will stay closer to home, limiting their trips mainly to places that can be reached by car. At the same time, in his opinion, national parks will become even more popular.

“I think you will see that tourism will become much closer, more local, to smaller settlements,” he said, referring to Airbnb data, which indicate that domestic trips are returning to normal levels.

At the same time, the company’s international business is still suffering. “People don’t fly on airplanes, they don’t cross borders, they don’t particularly travel to cities, they don’t go on business,” Cesky said. He noted that “one day people will return to planes,” but there will be a “redistribution of places to travel.”

The ongoing changes, according to Cesky, will continue to affect business and travel related to conferences for many years to come. “I think many people will understand that they don’t need to board a plane to hold a meeting,” he said.

How a pandemic affected Airbnb’s business

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on Airbnb. The company in early May reduced approximately 25% of the state, and also attracted financing in the amount of $ 2 billion by issuing debt and securities in order to maintain its balance.

The long-planned initial public offering of Airbnb, MarketWatch writes, is unlikely to take place in the near future, although Cesky told Bloomberg in June that the company does not rule out listing this year.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 in San Francisco and is a service that allows travelers to book their accommodation (from the master room to individual cottages) directly with the owners. The company takes a commission for the service from both homeowners and tenants. Airbnb is represented in more than 100 thousand cities around the world.


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