Top 15 trendy styles of fruit baskets, kitchen trends 2020!

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Small decorative elements greatly contribute to the style of a room

Once your kitchen has been renovated or built from scratch, it’s time to decorate it. And the small decorative elements are not to be neglected when planning a space! Discover 15 styles of fruit baskets to adopt for trendy cuisine.

1. 100% designer twisted aluminum

Fine, design, and discreet, this fruit basket has it all. In twisted aluminum, it brings a touch of modernity to the kitchen!

2. Covered in chalet-style fabric

Another style, another atmosphere, this fruit basket gives the room a rustic chalet-style atmosphere. Wicker and covered with a pretty beige fabric, this small basket welcomes your fruits and vegetables with open handles!

3. In the shape of a large glass plate

For a kitchen that couldn’t be more trendy, we found THE ideal fruit basket. It looks more like a large glass plate than a basket itself, but its use remains the same. Design and modern, it presents your fruit in an elegant way.

4. Rustic Style with a wooden case

For a rustic style, nothing better than a beautiful solid wooden crate as a fruit basket! With or without writing on it, unearth a pretty box of light or dark wood then install it on the central island of your kitchen, on your table or work surface.

5. A standing tray

For a kitchen with a very modern-chic style as above, opt for a standing tray so as to present your fruits and vegetables nicely. Your tray can also be used to place cakes for a birthday for example.

6. Heart-shaped or otherwise

In the shape of a diamond, heart, or oval,  it is entirely possible to find a basket in the desired shape. Filled with fruit and vegetables or empty, the container remains a decorative element in itself!

7. Openwork metal

For a style that could not be more modern, we choose an openwork metal basket as above. Notice to large families or lovers of fruit and vegetables, small, medium, or large, this kind of basket must exist in all sizes!

8. A rope bag as a basket

Who said that a basket must necessarily be hard? Surely not us! Get several openwork bags when you go shopping at the market or in supermarkets. Firstly, it is reusable and therefore ecological because you say goodbye to plastic bags and reduce your waste. Secondly, you just have to put the bag down when you come home from shopping and you’re ready to go, you have an original fruit basket!

9. A tote bag canvas bag

And why not? In the same spirit as the previous bags, tote bags have been on the rise lately. Practical for shopping, carrying books, meals, or whatever, you can find these little bags absolutely everywhere, in all colors and all patterns! Arrange them as above and you have your pretty fruit and vegetable baskets.

10. In worked wood

Asymmetrical, it looks like this fruit basket was directly worked in a tree trunk. Beautifully carved, wood is a noble and elegant material that blends with many styles.

11. White chic country style wicker

Change of style with this pretty little white wicker basket.  If you have fitted out a country-style kitchen, this basket is perfect for decor. With its small blue and white checkered fabric tied around the handles, country chic style guaranteed!

12. Small braided basket

Classic but still as pretty: the braided basket. Here, it is a quality, solid, and aesthetic basket that will fit perfectly in your trendy kitchen.

13. A large solid wooden bowl

Basket, bowl, basket … the containers differ but all have the same purpose: to present your fruit and vegetables nicely in your kitchen. This bowl of beautiful thick wood embellishes the room in the blink of an eye, whether it is filled with fruit or not.

14. Original industrial style

Another atmosphere with this very industrial style. Indeed, this small basket presents your fruits and vegetables in a rather original way!

15. A matte black basket

Finally, this matt black model perfectly adorns the worktop of your kitchen in gray, wood, and black tones like this one.

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