Trudeau promised medical equipment to the premiers of the provinces

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Trudeau promet du matériel médical aux premiers ministres des provinces

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Photo : The canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

The first ministers of the provinces and territories had a telephone meeting with the federal prime minister Justin Trudeau and the deputy first minister, asked by asked by chrystia Freeland. During this interview, Ottawa has promised to the provinces in the distribution of medical equipment to protect health professionals against the COVID-19.

According to a press release issued by the federal cabinet, in the late evening on Thursday, Justin Trudeau would have made progress in the mobilization of canadian businesses to produce the personal protective equipment and not depend solely on imports.

The prime minister of Canada would have also confirmed to the elected representatives of the provinces and territories that new orders for medical equipment have been received this week and that the redistribution is underway across the country.

Discussions have also focused on the next supply orders in gowns and surgical masks protection N95, gloves, and respirators.

Act on emergency measures is not necessary, according to the provinces

Still according to the press release, Justin Trudeau would have invited his counterparts in the provinces and territories to discuss the possibility of invoking the Act on emergency measures. It would give the federal government the orders of operations to combat the epidemic.

In this regard, the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, has repeated several times since the beginning of the crisis that he does not see the need for federal coordination. For him, it is more efficient to retain the flexibility to respond quickly.

In the same camp, the premier of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, has already indicated that he does not see the need for a federal response.

He did not see what such a takeover by the federal government would add anything that the provinces have not already to help curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2.

Scott Moe added that the prime ministers discussed each week in order to coordinate their interventions and it is estimated that the provincial laws give them all the necessary flexibility to act.

The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, is no more enthusiastic at the idea of such a scenario. For him, it is vital that each province maintains stis power to act unilaterally.

For his part, the prime minister of New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, said that he supported a federal intervention. For him, it would have to standardize our approach as a nation.

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