Coronavirus : 27 come to an agreement on economic, Bruno Le Maire speaks of “a great day” for the EU

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Coronavirus : Les 27 trouvent un accord économique, Bruno Le Maire parle « d’un grand jour » pour l’UE

Bruno Le Maire, in his office of minister of the Economy. — Eric Dessons/JDD/SIPA

The agreement reached Thursday evening between the Finance ministers of the 27 it was economic answer common to the crisis created by the pandemic of sars coronavirus ” mark an important day for the EU “, said Friday the French minister of Economy,
Bruno Le Maire. In the midst of the epidemic of
Covid-19, the impasse of the discussions on the adoption of a recovery plan was seen as a threat to the cohesion of the euro area, and therefore of the european Union.

The French minister has also encrypted the entire recovery plan at about 500 billion euros, ” during a press conference. Italy, the european country most affected by the pandemic, with more than 18,000 dead, also welcomed the agreement by the voice of his minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri. He was hailed in a tweet ” an ambitious proposal “, adding that his country ” would fight for it to occur “.

“We have responded to the call of our citizens,”

“Eurobonds have been put on the table, the conditions of the ESM have been removed from the table “, he also rejoiced, while his country had repeatedly called for a european loan in the form of eurobonds, also called coronabonds, and refused any condition attached to loans from the european Stability Mechanism (ESM).

The German Finance minister, Olaf Scholz, for its part, considered that the agreement Thursday night was ” a great day for european solidarity “. “Today, we answered the call of our citizens for a Europe that protects “, has also felt the president of the Eurogroup, the Portuguese Mario Centeno, during a press conference. The proposals of the ministers of Finance still need to be endorsed by the heads of State and government.

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