Chile : hundreds of Bolivians can’t come back in their country

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Chili : des centaines de Boliviens ne peuvent pas revenir dans leur pays

Of the Bolivians in Huara, Chile, 160 km of the borders of Bolivia

Photo : afp via getty images / IGNACIO MUNOZ

Hundreds of Bolivians wanting to leave Chile continues to flock to the border with Bolivia, closed because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, said Thursday the chilean government.

These bolivians, whose number now reached 700, are blocked to Colchane, a small town border is located at 3700 meters of altitude, where there is for them neither food nor accommodation, has highlighted the department of the chilean foreign Affairs.

We continue to receive people to Colchane. These are people who want to go to Bolivia, said the head of the diplomacy of chile, Teodoro Ribera, in a video released by the department.

We will make the necessary efforts to ensure that these people return to [the town of] Huara gold [the city of] Iquique, because at Colchane there is no food for them and not hosting it no more, explained Mr. Ribera.

Chile and Bolivia have both closed their borders to combat the spread of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

This did not deter of Bolivians living in Chile coming for days in Colchane, a small town in the Altiplano which has 1600 inhabitants, from other chilean cities.

On Tuesday, some have attempted to force the passage in order to enter Bolivia, which is the goal of the military bolivians have prevented. Clashes have left at least two wounded.

The previous week, however, the government of La Paz had allowed the entry of 480 people stranded at Colchane. These Bolivians were placed in quarantine for at least 14 days in a makeshift camp in the town of Pisiga, on the other side of the border.

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