Yury Grymov: “heroes Today — those who can be alone”

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Юрий Грымов: "Сегодня герои — те, кто могут остаться наедине с собой"

In this leading contemporary authors from Russia and other States are included in the common fight against the coronavirus. Writers, poets, filmmakers — creators — was asked to write the texts that would help to inspire and support, to laugh and to unite readers in different countries. Today, the theater and film Director, artistic Director of theater “Modern” Yury Grymov talks about the regime of self-isolation, and that digital technologies will not replace human interaction.

Yuri Grymov

In the circumstances, is unusual and new for all of us when, as it seems, the whole world paused, I’d like to know how we will cope with the situation. First of all, from the point of view of psychology, from the point of view of relations within society, relations between people. I remember in the 90s America was trying to solve a serious problem associated with AIDS. I then worked a lot on social advertising, had a lot to do with it and even received the award of the festival in new York and the Department of the UN.

Then I had to answer three main questions: how to keep people infected how to soothe frightened by a terrible disease society and, finally, how to make those and others felt like a part of one. Remember how hard they had as much money spent by the Americans to return to a society of people who all initially turned away. How painful was looking for intonation, how to choose the right words. And as a result came to the conclusion that the main thing in all this must remain a Man. It should be a person — a living, real, and there is no difference, he contracted AIDS, or living near an infected. Because in such borderline situations saves us and supports first of all the sincerity and participation of those who are near. Part of the living.

Why am I now talking about this? Let me explain. In the last couple of decades, technocrats and politicians assured us the omnipotence of technology is that the online gives us some extraordinary opportunities in different spheres — science, education, culture, even in simple communication with each other. It has grown a whole generation for whom “the number” — a familiar tool of everyday life. Tool which imperceptibly began to overshadow the Man.

But out of the crisis will not technology. Out of the crisis, to put in order your mind, knackered fear of coronavirus, have we, the living people.

Today we are trapped at home whose only connection with the outside world and between people have mobile phones and the Internet. Almost perfect conditions for the global experiment. As you first impressions: improved our life? Greatly eased the situation of the technology? No, of course, if they were not, today we must rapidly would return to the middle ages, but so does the Almighty was online?

By the way, I’m sure our nervous system today destroys not only the threat of the virus, but this very situation of isolation from the world. It is unnatural for humans, and it’s creates.

Actually, I think, coronavirus, showed us two very important things.

On the one hand, it is clear that online is not so universal. At least from my professional point of view, it is almost useless in the theater. Today, when many theater groups began to publish online the records of their performances, they met a pretty restrained response of the virtual audience. Why? Yes, because the theatre there are special rules in another system of coordinates. The theatre is mysterious, lively, magical action. Each performance is unique, it happens once, here and now. And valuable he is exactly that — instant and unique miracle of emotions, their intertwining, and layering. But in this immediacy and originality is the main difficulty.Broadcast the miracle at a distance, and even in the recording — a task that the Internet is not yet decided.

That is why the theatre “Modern” abandoned the idea to publish recordings of their performances online.

Today, when we experience the inability of technology to replace us live chat with real people, as never before, we will meet with his audience — meeting the personal, intimate, eye to eye.

On the other — the main characters of today (not taking now of doctors; this is totally different, although they are, of course, the real heroes) to me are those people who have not lost the ability to remain alone with themselves. Who know how to live fully exist, to think, to create something themselves.So. Maybe the coronavirus pushes us not only to each other? Maybe we are trying to turn to face ourselves?

I’ve always said that theatre is the place where one acquires knowledge about yourself. However, this is not the most popular “service”. For us it took a coronavirus, so we can look into this “mirror”. It is a good mirror. In it we reflected with almost no distortion.

You should use the chance and have a good look yourself. A useful function for the “reset.” And it is an absolutely necessary condition for tomorrow, when we unpause, we have made a step in the right direction.

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