The security Council of the united nations will hold Thursday first-of-its meeting on the pandemic

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Le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU tiendra jeudi sa première réunion sur la pandémie

The meeting of The security Council of the un will be held by videoconference.

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The security Council of the united nations will hold Thursday first-of-its meeting on the pandemic of COVID-19 after weeks of debate, in particular among the five permanent members, according to diplomatic sources.

Last Thursday, frustrated by the divisions between, among others, China, the United States, paralyzing the instance, nine non-permanent members out of ten had been asked for a formal session of the Council on the COVID-19 with a presentation by the secretary-general of the united nations, Antonio Guterres.

The meeting is confirmed for Thursday and will be closed at 14 p. m., eastern daylight time, through video conferencing, said on Monday a diplomat. This will be on Thursday, said another source.

Virus chinese

At this stage, the twist that could make this session remains unknown to : settlement of accounts or to display a unity and a willingness to cooperate, like the resolution adopted Thursday by consensus by the 193 member countries of the un general Assembly, despite an attempt of Russia to oppose it?

For a long time, Washington has ask that any meeting, or any document adopted emphasize the chinese origin of the pandemic, much to the chagrin of Beijing. This Monday, the opposition to a meeting was more on the side of Russia and China, according to diplomats.

These two countries consider it sufficient that the security Council speaks of the COVID-19 when it is dealing with countries in conflict, without it being necessary that he cares for in a transversal manner, has been provided from the same sources.

According to several diplomats, France has also proven to be hesitant, because she has been trying for the last week to organize a video-conference of the leaders of the five permanent members (United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom) to try to resolve the dispute, and she preferred it to take place before a meeting of the 15-member security Council.

The permanent members ridiculous

Driven by Germany, the country that requested the first meeting of the security Council on the pandemic are the Niger, Estonia, the dominican Republic, Belgium, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tunisia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Last non-permanent member, South Africa was not attached to the application, judging, according to a diplomat, the security Council, responsible for peace and security, should not take a subject, especially in health and economic up to now.

For the non-permanent members, it is really irresponsible to obstruct a meeting of the Council and of the cripple since the beginning of the health crisis, reports that a diplomat from one of these countries under the guise of anonymity. The permanent members ridiculous with that, when you are silent for weeks, he adds.

Cease-fire humanitarian world

On 30 march, seeking to break the deadlock, Tunisia had presented sti 14 partners a draft resolution, quickly echoed by the other nine non-permanent members of the Council.

The first version of this text, obtained by AFP, called for international action is urgent in order to limit the impact of the pandemic. The text was also called for a cease-fire humanitarian world to better combat the disease, echoing a similar request made on 23 march by the secretary-general, Antonio Guterres and for countries in conflict.

In conjunction with this initiative, France has sought for the past ten days to ensure that his own text collects the accession of the other four permanent members of the security Council, before passing it on. Without a conclusive result so far, according to diplomats.

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