No woman look her in birth only in Quebec, except at the jewish general Hospital

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“There is no intention of the government to extend these prohibitions to other hospitals. “

Aucune femme n'accouchera seule au Québec, sauf à l'Hôpital général juif

No woman will be forced to give birth alone, ensures the prime minister François Legault.

Photo : The canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

The women in Quebec who were soon to have a child will be able to continue to rely on the presence of a relative at the time of giving birth. This is the insurance that has given the prime minister François Legault during his daily press conference on Monday.

The jewish general Hospital of Montreal is currently the only one in Quebec to prohibit any waiting at the time of birth.

The prime minister stressed that there were several boxes of COVID-19 in this institution, which justified stricter measures for the staff and patients. There are good reasons to implement this rule, he emphasized, but I want to be very clear : there is no intention of the government to extend these prohibitions to other hospitals.

In regards to deliveries provided at the jewish general Hospital, Rm. Legault stated that the government was doing checks to see if it would be possible for women who wish to give birth in another hospital.

Associations of midwives, trade unions of health professionals and organizations, activists asked the government of quebec to take a stand against the deliveries single-handed in the hospitals. On Monday, a petition against the measure had already collected more than 85 000 signatories on the Internet.

A psychological threshold crossed

Furthermore, Quebec recently passed the milestone of 100 victims of the COVID-19. The balance sheet presented on Monday includes 27 new deaths from the disease, bringing the total to 121 dead.

This overview also reports of 8580 case of COVID-19, of 533 people hospitalized and 164 patients in the icu.

The prime minister is pleased, however, to see that the total of hospitalizations, there has been little increased since Sunday, with just eight admissions additional.

It is extraordinary, he commented. If we were able to have it for a few days, it would mean that we would approach the summit. But I don’t want to speculate.

Some 103 176 Quebec have been tested so far. Of the lot, more than 91 533 have been declared in the negative, 2942 other are waiting for their results and 611 cases were cured.

If the government Legault feared a shortage of personal protective equipment, there is a little less than a week, the situation has improved in the last week-end with the receipt of a shipment of medical equipment in Mexico, explained the prime minister.

For the moment, Quebec has reserves of gloves for 14 days, of N95 masks for 13 days, surgical masks for 10 days and gowns for 6 days – a situation much less precarious than that of Ontario.

To avoid a shortage, the government is looking at the possibility of using more blouses-washable, said Mr. Legault, ensuring that this practice was already in force in the hospitals.

Scenarios fort expected

All eyes will now be turned to the government’s projections Legault, who is expected to be released during the press conference on Tuesday.

In this regard, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, has expressed huge reservations on Monday, since the scientific value of these estimates is questionable.

At this time, according to him, projections of the number of future boxes surpassing the horizon of 30 April is to rely on astrology.

Nobody wants to play Jojo Savard.

Horacio Arruda, national director of public health

The experts around him have multiplied “the warnings,” he said, throwing her : No announcement nothing, Horacio, they are going to cut off the head if you ain’t got the right number!

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